Depending on the race, sometimes there are hurdles to get over. Right now, I have come up against some of my own.

The first hurdle – It’s official. My fitness watch and my skin are not friends. I have the Garmin Forerunner 15. I have had almost 2 months and wear it religiously. A few weeks ago, I noticed skin irritation but wasn’t sure it was the watch. The picture below shows when the blisters started healing. I am not sure what to do for many reasons. The watch step counter was great motivation during the day. It actually told me to move when I sat too long. Also, the run/walk feature was helping me with the running. Plus, I have purchased both the foot pod and heart monitor that goes with the watch.

20140715_153113  20140606_135338

Second hurdle – I need to find ways to eat better. Because of my schedule, I haven’t cooked as much I would like to which leads me to not as good as I should at dinnertime. Last weekend, I tried making lots of food on Sunday. Unfortunately, by Wednesday, I didn’t really want everything I cooked.

Third hurdle – I had planned to exercise 3 times a week but have only been doing 2. I run on Saturdays and box on Tuesdays.  Lately, I have been too tired to get up early enough to work out before work. I usually work really long days, so once I get home, I am not really motivated to work out.

Now that I have acknowledged these hurdles, I hopefully can truly face them and find ways to get over them.


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