Sooooo, why the blog?

The short answer to the question is “Why, not?”

The long answer has many parts. First, for those who didn’t know, I am in school right now. I am getting a Masters in Marketing and 2 graduate certificates – one in social media marketing and the other in nonprofit leadership. This blog is part of a class requirement. Beyond the class requirement, I wanted to keep track of my journey into transforming into a healthier me. Also, this blog gives me a creative outlet beyond work. Lastly, this blog is also a motivator. I have friends reading it who keeping up with my progress and journey. This is my way of letting them know how its going and letting them know when I need to be put back on track.

My current class has given me lots of tips on how to write a blog and set realistic expectations. So far, I think the funniest, best advice and reality check I have come across was from the article Let’s Talk: Social Media for Small Business. The author, Josh Jantsh, said “If you’re one of those folks who has resisted blogging because you don’t think anyone would read your blog, don’t worry; they probably won’t.” While the line was humorous, the point was to write content that people want to read. Hopefully, I’m on track with that.

jpegbooksI also have Jantsh’s book, Duct Tape Marketing. Between his book, his article and the book, Groundswell, I have learned 3 main things about blogging: develop a plan so people can find the blog, encourage others to comment on your blog and be honest.



A little bit of a warning on the last tip, though: don’t be too honest. I learned from award-winning blogger Pamela Ribon that you can be too revealing. Beyond being a blogger, Pam is a screenwriter, best-selling novelist, and a friend (and she has amazing taste in shoes!). I have followed her writing for years. From her, I have learned to keep some info to yourself and maintain some line of privacy because what you reveal is out there forever.

One final tip that seems to be the most common is to read and learn from other blogs. So far, some of my favorite fitness blogs are the Daily Julie, Lazy Girl Running and Plus Size Princess. All three of these blogs seem to follow the 3 main tips I have learned. Out of the three, Plus Size Princess (#PSPfit) is my favorite. I can relate to the blogger and her posts are interesting, engaging and real.

Screenshot 2014-08-11 21.54.50 Screenshot 2014-08-11 21.55.02

So, why the blog post on blogs? – to keep me on track. If you are reading this, I need you to comment often and remind me to follows the tips I have just given to others. In the end, hopefully I will help others as I help myself.


4 thoughts on “Sooooo, why the blog?

  1. You bring up a good point about being honest, but also maintaining your privacy. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. Once you put something on the internet, it is impossible taking it off. Kind of like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube. Thanks for the book recommendation, Duct Tape Marketing. I’ll have to check that one out. Good luck with your journey.

  2. Avia:
    Definitely one of the most interesting Blog post I have ever read! Kudos to you!! I too have started my Blog due to my social media class for my Master’s degree. I really enjoy blogging but unfortunately for me, I do not feel I am ready to become a full-fledged Blogger. I have not yet found my true “reason’ to Blog. I have always been an avid reader and writer and am full of passion about my career, family and numerous hobbies. Rather than becoming an expert in one career field or industry, I see myself as an adventurous, always desiring the needs for change and new excitement.
    I do agree with your statement, to read and learn from other individuals Blogs. I feel, I have become highly educated not because I watch reality TV but because I devote my time to educating myself and reading about what the experts have to say on any particular subject matter I might find of interest…and on an given day!

  3. I really loved your post! I have started a personal blog as a hobby and sometimes when I don’t blog I feel like I let myself and my followers down! It’s so important to stay on track with your blogging goals but also be honest and realistic. I have realized for me that blogging 2-3 times a week is a great fit and even though I’d love to blog more, sometimes my days are just too busy!

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