There are some things, places, people you come to rely on. When a day comes that they don’t come through, it can leave feeling disappointed, even betrayed. Today was my day. The culprits were my legs. When I started my run/walk today, I felt off but I blew it off. Then one minute into my second run time (I am currently learning to run through the run/walk method), my knee started to ache. I slowed down and finished the time. About 45 seconds into the next run, my calf on the opposite leg started to throb, forcing me to slow to a fast walk. I was totally frustrated and mad at my legs for punking out. In their defense, I hadn’t ran in over a week due to a family emergency — but still! I spent the remainder of my gym time walking. The walking still hurt a little, but Kayne (West) reminded that what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger. During my walk I decided that that I would use this experience to remind myself that all days won’t be good, but if it is important to trudge on and not abandon the journey I have set forth. At the very end, I mustered in two last good run sessions, thanks to Melissa’s (Etheridge) reminder of why I set out on this journey. In the end, I got about 2.25 miles in. My pace sucked, but my motivation prevailed.

“Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger, more than ever, hour after hour, Our work is never over.” — Kayne West


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