Viral Marketing Initiatives

First I have to apologize for being silent for so long. Life has been a little crazy. In my time of silence, I have been thinking about life balance and how to achieve it. The parts of life balance in mind, body and spirit. (I will tell you more in my next blog and explain what it has to do with fitness.) Anyway, a class assignment got me thinking more about this.

We had an assignment about viral marketing. For your knowledge, according to Web Marketing Today, viral marketing is “any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message’s exposure and influence. Like viruses, such strategies take advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands, to millions”.

Right now, one of the most famous viral campaigns is from Oreo and its “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet. This was a brilliant tweet promoting cookies. (It probably would have appealed more to me if an Oreo was a chocolate chip cookie.)

Two viral campaigns that did appeal to me come from Dove and Make A Wish. The Dove Beauty campaign, launched in 2013, promotes real beauty. The campaign started with the video “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” showed women describing themselves as an artist sketched them. Then strangers described them as the artist sketched the women. The women were shown the difference in the sketches. Make A Wish went viral when it helped a 5 year old boy battling Leukemia become a superhero for a day. The video followed the boy around as he portrayed BatKid and saved Gotham (San Francisco in disguise).

Okay, what do these two have to do with life balance? Spirit. More importantly, the promoting and healing of it. I think the spirit aspect of these campaigns is what made them go viral. Both of these campaigns have similar characteristics. They positive, emotion-filled, about real situations, have great content, and are memorable. These videos remind us what is important. The Dove video makes you stop and think about how you think about yourself. The Make A Wish video reminds us how the little things we do for others can make such a huge impact. The compelling, positive content of these videos is impactful, make people think, and make people want to share them. Part of the proof is I just shared them with all of you. Do they or did they compel you enough to share?


One thought on “Viral Marketing Initiatives

  1. Hey Avia first I want to say that I hope everything gets better. I can also say that my life has made it very difficult to focus on school, however we just have pull through. Also whenever you feel down, just remember that your life could be worst and just be honored by the blessings that you currently have. On the other hand your post was very interesting to read and I know that you will go far! Have a great day and remember that there will always be people rooting for you.

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