Holy Cowtown!

Slide1So, months ago (via a Facebook conversation), DR talked me into running in the Cowtown. The Cowtown is a 5K (3.10 miles)/10K (6.22 miles)/Half Marathon (13.10 miles)/Marathon (26.21miles)/Ultra Marathon (26.21+ miles). Yesterday, I decided to see if they had the race dates up yet. (Truth – I was checking to see when I could get my “Training for Cowtown” t-shirt.)

GASP! Not only are the dates advertised – registration is open. This means Cowtown is VERY close. To be more exact, it is less than 100 days away. To be really exact, it is 3 months and 4 days.

That means I have 1311 hours to get ready for my first “race”. My goal is not to finish in any certain time (though I prefer not to be the very last person). Next year, I will have loftier goals, but this year, my goal is just to finish and enjoy the experience.

Bring on Cowtown!

“Don’t give up on the impossible before you try it.” — Biggie Munn


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