Don’t Call It A Comeback

Well, I did manage a workout last week. I realized that a few weeks away can really set you back. I’m eager to get back to my previous pace, strength, and endurance but I know I have to take it slow in order not to back-slide my recovery. Anyone have sage advice about how to return to your workouts after injury?


We interrupt our regularly scheduled program

Photo credit: smokeghost / iWoman / CC BY-NC-SA

Sorry for my absence. Over the past year, when injury or illness occurred, I have been able to still do some form of exercise.

Unfortunately, shortly after my last post I sustained injuries that forced me to put a temporary pause on all activities. The good news is I hope to be back to the track, on stationary bike, kickin’ it with Shaun T and maybe even the punching bag starting this week. Cross your fingers!

As a side note, to all those who scolded me for not calling for help, offered me help and support, and came to my rescue, thanks. Just knowing you were there for me felt great.


Photo credit: smokeghost / iWoman / CC BY-NC-SA