Weighing is the hardest thing to do

Well, today was my first check in day for the fantasy fitness challenge. Unfortunately, at my check-in we realized there was a scale issue so I couldn’t get my week results. On the plus side, the health coach and I had a good conversation about healthy weight loss vs unhealthy weight loss. Every time you turn on the TV, there is a commercial about quick and easy weight loss. But I constantly wonder is it healthy and safe?


The CDC and my health coach says that modest weight loss is the best way to go. Slow and steady not only wins the race, it keeps you from having to run the race over again. Studies shows the gradual changes become habits which help you keep the weight off.

Hours later I continued the conversation with Trainer Wes. He also agrees the gradual approach is a good way to go.

Speaking of Trainer Wes, today’s session with Trainer Wes was good. Somehow I convinced him to wear the bodysuit, which means I get to punch him instead of the bag or dummy. Live targets are always more fun!

Another note about Trainer Wes– for those of you just starting out in boxing, Wes said he would upload a video on how to wrap your hands (VERY IMPORTANT!). Check back soon and I will share it.

SlimPossible points: N/A


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