Going Greek

Bowl-of-Yogurt-with-FruitI have a confession: I love sweets. Especially chocolate. Especially chocolate chip cookies. It is an obsession I got from my father (the sweets – not the cookies). Unfortunately, he didn’t pass on his metabolism. He can eat ice cream everyday and maintain a 32-inch waist. If I tried that I would be learning to be a sumo wrestler instead of a boxer.

Lately, to help deal with the sweet tooth (and to have more breakfast options), I have tried eating more yogurt. Last week, I speculated that the yogurt played a part in my SlimPossible success. This week, I discovered that I was probably correct. According to Fitness Magazine, weight loss, workout recovery and a healthy smile is just a few of the ten benefits of yogurt.

yogurtSince I get bored with any food that I eat often, I am trying several brands and flavors. Here is what I bought last week. So far, the Oikos greek peach fruit on the bottom and Chobani Flip Salted Caramel Crunch are my favorites. The Yoplait Greek 100 peach was good. The Muller corner granola was bland. I am still looking to try others. Please let me know your favorites!


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Hand writing Time to Adapt concept with red marker on transparent wipe board.

For those who have been tuning in to see how I am doing on my fitness challenge, you probably think I’ve given up or abandoned the blog again. Not so!

In my last entry, I reported that we realized the scale had malfunctioned. Well last week, it just completely died so I couldn’t weigh in. Secretly, I was kinda happy because it gave me more time to get my act together. It seems my efforts paid off. I’m proud to report that in the last two weeks, I have lost 4 pounds of fat!

I have to say I was pretty surprise since I took a different approach to the challenge in the last two weeks. First of all, I didn’t obsess about exercising. Instead, I focused on being more active. Parking further away from the store. Walking every aisle in the grocery store. Walking while waiting for the microwave at work.

Also, I didn’t journal what I was eating. I felt the the recording of every bite was making me a little food obsessed and hungry when I wasn’t. Now this approach isn’t for everyone. In fact, health experts suggest recording what you eat. And I don’t think this approach would have worked if I hadn’t previously recorded what I ate. But now I had a little bit of knowledge and wanted to venture out on my own. I will try this for a little longer. If things start to plateau or (gasp!) go south, then I will go back to keeping a food diary.

I think my new obsession with yogurt also helped. (I will explain more next time.) It meant less sugar and more protein.

I am going to step it up for the next week and I am looking for new running shoes so I can start that again. Wish me luck!

SlimPossible Points: 2