One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Hand writing Time to Adapt concept with red marker on transparent wipe board.

For those who have been tuning in to see how I am doing on my fitness challenge, you probably think I’ve given up or abandoned the blog again. Not so!

In my last entry, I reported that we realized the scale had malfunctioned. Well last week, it just completely died so I couldn’t weigh in. Secretly, I was kinda happy because it gave me more time to get my act together. It seems my efforts paid off. I’m proud to report that in the last two weeks, I have lost 4 pounds of fat!

I have to say I was pretty surprise since I took a different approach to the challenge in the last two weeks. First of all, I didn’t obsess about exercising. Instead, I focused on being more active. Parking further away from the store. Walking every aisle in the grocery store. Walking while waiting for the microwave at work.

Also, I didn’t journal what I was eating. I felt the the recording of every bite was making me a little food obsessed and hungry when I wasn’t. Now this approach isn’t for everyone. In fact, health experts suggest recording what you eat. And I don’t think this approach would have worked if I hadn’t previously recorded what I ate. But now I had a little bit of knowledge and wanted to venture out on my own. I will try this for a little longer. If things start to plateau or (gasp!) go south, then I will go back to keeping a food diary.

I think my new obsession with yogurt also helped. (I will explain more next time.) It meant less sugar and more protein.

I am going to step it up for the next week and I am looking for new running shoes so I can start that again. Wish me luck!

SlimPossible Points: 2


Yeah… Back on the horse


So I’ve been gone a while. The last few months have been non-stop crazy. While I have slacked on my goals, I haven’t given up on them. And thanks to some encouragement from my circle (thanks ChimChim and Yogi L), I’m getting back on track.

Strangely enough, I’ve also been lured back by some random and surprising motivators: boxing, running, Whitney, & the fantasy fitness challenge.

Boxing: While I have slacked on most of my fitness routine, I’ve still been going to boxing. Thanks to Trainer Wes, I still adore boxing. No matter how tired, stressed or crazy I’ve felt, I still make it to my lesson and am happier for it. I’m excited to say I’m advancing and feeling more confident in my strength and skill. Also, I think I have biceps now!

Running: While I haven’t been running (except that March Madness month I had with Trainer Wes), it has been on my mind. I am anxiously waiting for temperatures to drop so I can get back to it. In the last year, I’ve learned that I really want to hate running. Then a cool day comes along and all I can think about is stringing up my running shoes. (I blame Dr. N for that.) Yesterday, I ordered new running clothes and in the coming weeks I’m going back to RunOn to get a new pair running shoes. New clothes always motivates me.

Whitney: I recently discovered Whitney Thore and love her intensity for life. She motivates women of all sizes to not let your size deter you from what you want to do. Dance on, Whit! Dance on!

Side note, if you decide to watch the show, don’t watch the “Hate Mail’ episode; it will make you hate people.

Fantasy Fitness Challenge: Sooo we have a health coach person at work. This fall, she decided to have a fantasy fitness challenge. Basically, you pay $10 dollars to enter. Whoever does the best wins the pot of money at the end. What I like about this challenge is it is a healthier challenge. It is not based on BMI, which has been proved to be totally antiquated. It’s not even based on weight loss. It’s based on loss of fat. The health coach person has a really cool scale that calculates fat mass, fat %, how dehydrated (or not) I am and more. For every .25% of body fat I lose I get a point. I entered the contest using the pseudonym SlimPossible (those who are pop-culture savvy might catch the cartoon reference). Each week, I will try to report my SlimPossible points.


So there you have it and here we go again. I beg you to stick with me and maybe occasionally send me some encouragement. With that, I will hopefully stay on the path (or fall off and get back on it) and not have to give up my chocolate chip cookies.