Going Greek

Bowl-of-Yogurt-with-FruitI have a confession: I love sweets. Especially chocolate. Especially chocolate chip cookies. It is an obsession I got from my father (the sweets – not the cookies). Unfortunately, he didn’t pass on his metabolism. He can eat ice cream everyday and maintain a 32-inch waist. If I tried that I would be learning to be a sumo wrestler instead of a boxer.

Lately, to help deal with the sweet tooth (and to have more breakfast options), I have tried eating more yogurt. Last week, I speculated that the yogurt played a part in my SlimPossible success. This week, I discovered that I was probably correct. According to Fitness Magazine, weight loss, workout recovery and a healthy smile is just a few of the ten benefits of yogurt.

yogurtSince I get bored with any food that I eat often, I am trying several brands and flavors. Here is what I bought last week. So far, the Oikos greek peach fruit on the bottom and Chobani Flip Salted Caramel Crunch are my favorites. The Yoplait Greek 100 peach was good. The Muller corner granola was bland. I am still looking to try others. Please let me know your favorites!