Holding Stop Position


By popular request, I am following up on my stop day. It’s almost over and was pretty successful. I did spend most of the day doing pretty much nothing. It was nice not having to be anywhere at any certain time. My sidekick and I spent quite a few hours on the couch watching TV. After a few hours of channel surfing, I decided it might be best to finish watching last season’s shows before the new season starts. Then I went to the grocery store which is really nice when you are not in a rush. Stopped at Central Market (which I love) and bought myself some sunflowers (my favorite). Then returned home for more TV, internet shopping (bought my alumni shirt) and a nap (which I never do!).

I do admit, it was hard settling into doing a day of nothing. And there were a few times I thought about work or the things around the house that needed to be done. Every time I felt anxiety about what I wasn’t doing, I made myself remember that it is just as important for me to do nothing as it is to do something. This nothing was for me. I earned it and I shouldn’t let anyone (even myself) spoil it. With that said, I have a few more hours of nothing to do. See you tomorrow.


The Day I Stopped


In the last four years, I’ve moved twice, served 3 terms on a board, traveled over seas for the first time, began consulting, helped re-launch four brands, served on two church committees, learned to box, sewn two quilts, started running and, as of an hour ago, completed two degrees. What I haven’t done is had a true day of rest.

For years, I’ve been constantly busy with work, school and stuff. Unless I’m very sick or extremely injured, I tend to go until I can’t go any longer.

Apparently, I’m not the only one. According to zen habits, in today’s culture, time to rest is rare commodity. “There are just too many things to get done, too many demands, too many responsibilities, too many bills, and too much urgency. Nobody can afford to waste time resting in today’s results-oriented culture.”

Though, the reality is rest is just as important as eating and exercise. It is essential to a healthy mind, body and soul.

So, tomorrow, I have schedule myself a stop day. Dr. Matthew Sleeth says a “stop day” is a day you really cease from your labors. I prefer the Urban Dictionary definition, which gives a pretty accurate description of the day I have planned:

a day typically reserved for sleeping, eating, watching Netflix and other forms of comatose solidarity.

I’ve had my stop day planned for months. It is a celebration of the end of school and the start of new things in my life. I’m excited for my stop day and hope I truly manage to spend the day doing what Prince called “something close to nothing”.


Wish me luck!

Yeah… Back on the horse


So I’ve been gone a while. The last few months have been non-stop crazy. While I have slacked on my goals, I haven’t given up on them. And thanks to some encouragement from my circle (thanks ChimChim and Yogi L), I’m getting back on track.

Strangely enough, I’ve also been lured back by some random and surprising motivators: boxing, running, Whitney, & the fantasy fitness challenge.

Boxing: While I have slacked on most of my fitness routine, I’ve still been going to boxing. Thanks to Trainer Wes, I still adore boxing. No matter how tired, stressed or crazy I’ve felt, I still make it to my lesson and am happier for it. I’m excited to say I’m advancing and feeling more confident in my strength and skill. Also, I think I have biceps now!

Running: While I haven’t been running (except that March Madness month I had with Trainer Wes), it has been on my mind. I am anxiously waiting for temperatures to drop so I can get back to it. In the last year, I’ve learned that I really want to hate running. Then a cool day comes along and all I can think about is stringing up my running shoes. (I blame Dr. N for that.) Yesterday, I ordered new running clothes and in the coming weeks I’m going back to RunOn to get a new pair running shoes. New clothes always motivates me.

Whitney: I recently discovered Whitney Thore and love her intensity for life. She motivates women of all sizes to not let your size deter you from what you want to do. Dance on, Whit! Dance on!

Side note, if you decide to watch the show, don’t watch the “Hate Mail’ episode; it will make you hate people.

Fantasy Fitness Challenge: Sooo we have a health coach person at work. This fall, she decided to have a fantasy fitness challenge. Basically, you pay $10 dollars to enter. Whoever does the best wins the pot of money at the end. What I like about this challenge is it is a healthier challenge. It is not based on BMI, which has been proved to be totally antiquated. It’s not even based on weight loss. It’s based on loss of fat. The health coach person has a really cool scale that calculates fat mass, fat %, how dehydrated (or not) I am and more. For every .25% of body fat I lose I get a point. I entered the contest using the pseudonym SlimPossible (those who are pop-culture savvy might catch the cartoon reference). Each week, I will try to report my SlimPossible points.


So there you have it and here we go again. I beg you to stick with me and maybe occasionally send me some encouragement. With that, I will hopefully stay on the path (or fall off and get back on it) and not have to give up my chocolate chip cookies.

Healthy Triangle

Even though I’ve been silent awhile, I haven’t totally abandoned my goals. I just started to re-evaluate them. It started in August when I took a class on emotional intelligence. It was a very interesting class, during which we discussed balance and whole body wellness. The concept of whole body wellness means that to be truly healthily, you cannot just focus on fitness. You have to look at your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Whole body wellness also looks at the concept that physical ailments could be caused by mental and spiritual issues.

The body piece of the triangle is what people usually focus on: exercise and nutrition. This you know I am working on. I still box once a week. I’m going back to running once a week. I am working on adding in abs once a week, too.

The healthy mind part focuses on knowledge and intellect. I think I have that part more than covered with school.

The last part of the triangle, spirit, is what I realized to be the weak side of my triangle. This part is about relaxing, emotions, stress management and enlightenment. My class in August made me realize that there is one giant change I need to make. Unfortunately, it is not an easy change or one that can happen quickly. In the meantime, I am working on small changes. Once of these changes includes getting more involved in my church. I am also working to do more of the things I like, like spending time with friends. I’m also looking into getting regular massages. I used to think getting massages was a luxurious and indulgent act. Then, through the help of health care professionals, I realized they could be a needed part in living a healthily life. Massages help relieve stress and tension. Stress slows the metabolism, which prevents weight loss. You see where this is going. Besides massages, I am also looking to start practicing meditation. I think this will also be useful for stress relief.

So there it is-Whole body health. I can’t be really healthy without focusing on all sides of the triangle. It makes sense. And like everything else I have learned, it’s all about balance.